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August 2018
  • 18Sibling Day Camp with Mentone Grammar
  • 18Book Week (August 18th - 25th)
  • 20Transitions - Come & See for Book Week at 9:30am
  • 20Inters Book Reading Session - 9:30am
  • 23Inters Come and See Afternoon Tea
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Life Skills Program

Life Skills Program

Yarrabah has a Life Skills Centre which allows all students the opportunity to participate in a practical program.

The Life Skills Centre has a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities. Children from 5 to 18 years of age use the centre to learn everyday experiences. They learn to prepare simple food items, follow simple procedural scripts, use kitchen utensils and household appliances, wash themselves and their own clothes, grow and use fresh vegetables and make their own bed.

Students have the opportunity to visit the Life Skills Centre each week. Staff ratio is high as they attend with the classroom teacher assistant and have a life skills assistant in attendance.

The centre has enabled an extension of life skills. It is a big room that functions like the inside of a house. The students are given constant reinforcement and repetition of activities and thus enabling them to transfer the skills into the home setting.